Guy Davis - Kokomo Kidd (CD)


Guy Davis – Kokomo Kidd – North American Release Date – September 18, 2015. While carrying the blues around the world, from the Equator to the Arctic Circle, Guy Davis came back with some fresh inspiration and new stories to tell. Kokomo Kidd, Guy's follow-up album to the Blues Music Award nominated "Juba Dance" from 2013. The new release, his second for M.C. Records, finds the blues ambassador visiting fresh territory. “It's a new beginning for me,” he says, “The first time I produced myself. What I‘m showing here is a side of me that's deep insie. It's needing air and light, and here it comes!

Ossie and Ruby's Seeger-schooled kid sounds freshest on new originals, a feat for any 63-year-old ("Kokomo Kidd," "Wish I Hadn't Stayed Away So Long") - Robert Christgau
Kokomo Kidd exudes magical joy!" - Living Blues
a spirited, heartfelt ride through the backroads of rural blues" - Elmore Magazine
Davis hits all the high marks on Kokomo Kidd, releasing his best album to date" - No Depression