Eric Lindell - West County Drifter (VINYL LP)

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Eric Lindell's "West County Drifter" (MC-0068LP) marks the first release by the roots rocker for M.C. Records and his first national release in over two year. This double LP set includes special guests  Delbert McClinton, Peter Joseph Burtt and Ivan Neville. "West County Drifter" combines two self-released titles by Eric, Cazadero (2011) & Between Motion and Rest (2010). Neither title was ever released to retail or serviced to media or radio.

"West County Drifter" is chock full of all the elements that has made Eric a Roots Music star since his 2006 Alligator Records debut: great original songs, soulful guitar playing, right on singing and a tough and tight band. Sessions for this generous 18 track double disc set were recorded where Eric was born and raised in Northern California and his adopted hometown of New Orleans. West County Drifter is a mostly original affair with choice covers. Included are two by Curtis Mayfield, “Find Another Girl” and “It's So Hard To Believe.”  

The two albums fit together seamlessly, and together, they make for Lindell's most accessible and striking release yet, with nary a slack track and several that seriously deserve to be heard by a wide audience. - AMG