Dayna Kurtz - Rise And Fall (CD)


Rise and Fall is the New Jersey-born, New Orleans-based artist's seventh album, and her first collection of original compositions in four years. The emotion-charged new set marks a reinvention for the artist, while reaffirming the creative strengths that have already won her a fiercely loyal fan base. 

Rise and Fall's soul-baring songcraft and impassioned performances are the product of an extended period during which the artist experienced a series of major life changes.  "These songs are the product of the last few years of my life, which were pretty heavy," she explains.  "My father died.  My marriage ended.  I moved from Brooklyn to New Orleans.  I had a couple years of wild oat-sowing, and then I found a grand new love.  There's been a lot to think about and a lot to write about, and all of that is in these songs." 

It is great to hear an amazing voice but indescribable to hear an amazing soul. Thus “Rise and Fall” and Dayna Kurtz are indescribable. I'm grateful for the discovery of a new old friend. - Madeleine Peyroux
it is just stunning!! Mesmerizing!! her voice is so warm and soulful, and I'm really struck by what a wonderful poet she is!~ My God!~ her lyrics are deep and soulful to the bone! Maria Muldaur